A little bit about me:

My name is Rima Shah. I’m 21, a BharataNatyam dancer, and am absolutely in love with my major (marketing).
I go to Radford University and I’m currently a junior, although this is supposed to be my senior year (Super Senior Status!). I transferred first from Purdue University to Northern Virginia Community College to, finally, Radford.

I’m extremely passionate person and that translate to any activity, project, or organization that I get involved in, and I’m going to bring that same level of passion and excitement to this blog!

My favorite music is Electronic Dance Music (a.k.a. EDM, which is how I’ll refer to it on my blog), House Music, Indian/Bollywood Music, Classical Music, basically any genre. I have an eclectic taste in music, t.v., and films, which is what I’ll be incorporating into my blog. A huge part of my life includes music, dance, and films. Actually, my dream career would be working for a film production company in their marketing department, as a market researcher, and preferably Bollywood. I know my goal is set high but I’m prepared for all of the hard work that’s going to come with it.


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